Our origins date back to the year 2004 when Vox Populi Recerca S.L. was founded as a field network operating exclusively in Barcelona. After the initial years dedicated to professionalizing and consolidating our network in Barcelona, we expanded it, and today we have our own staff and collaborators covering the entire national territory. At the same time, thanks to the collaboration of our partners, we have access to the best technicians and analysts from different sectors and study typologies.
Currently, we handle all parts of the research process, from the initial proposal to the development and implementation of the study, as well as its analysis and presentation of results.

Other services

We have extensive experience in all kinds of classical methodology. Likewise, our company is in a constant process of evolution, analyzing and implementing new research methods or evolving existing ones.


We aim to understand your needs and products thoroughly to provide the most beneficial approach for your company.


Our highly engaged and qualified staff in studies is one of our main differentiators.


We conduct all types of studies and implement new research concepts and methods.

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