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Our beginnings date back to the year 2004, when the company Vox Populi Recerca, S.L. was founded, initially as a field network operating in Barcelona. After the first years dedicated to professionalizing and consolidating our field network in Barcelona, we expanded it further, and currently, we have our own staff and collaborators covering the entire national territory. At the same time, thanks to the collaboration of our partners, we have the best technicians and analysts from different sectors of activity and various types of studies.
Currently, we carry out all parts of the research process, from the initial proposal to the development and implementation of the study, as well as its analysis and presentation of results.

We are a market research company

With over 18 years of experience in qualitative and quantitative methodologies tailored to the client to analyze markets, consumers, and brands, thus understanding the market needs of your company.

Transform your company with quality data

Contact us today to start obtaining precise data that drives your strategic decisions.

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